Sales Manager United States

Challenging job in an international environment.
Flexible working hours.

Sales Manager for our location in Italy

Are you looking to boost your career in a dynamic and challenging B2B and B2C environment? Do you feel comfortable working independently in a relaxed work environment? Are you looking for an environment where you can show initiatives and pitch your ideas directly to management?

Does contributing to the success of our company make you proud?

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Job description

As a Sales Manager you will be our hunter for defined markets and products, raise awareness of the benefits Bright sight offers and establish strong relationships with customers.

What we do

The cooperation between us and our partners is as follows. We accumulate stock and sell it through our sales channels. These include our own webshops and product pages on various e-commerce platforms. We ship the orders from our department stores located all over the world, which enables us to ensure that the orders reach the customers quickly.

We also have the support part in our hands. If a customer/potential customer approaches us regarding product questions, technical questions etc., we can provide a quick and efficient service. With a professional support team, we strive to quickly provide the customer/potential customer with a good answer.

In case of a return shipment, we take care of the whole RMA process. Our technical department is specialised in the products of our partners and can diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently. With a quick handling of the return process, we ensure that the customer doesn’t lose his/her product for a long time.

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