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The brands we work with are somewhat exclusive, just like us. High-quality, niche products that are a cut above the rest. These brands get the attention they deserve and the sales volumes they dreamed of by working with our team of experts. Factor52 creates engagement and preserves brand integrity, ensuring ongoing quality support to manufacturers and customers alike.

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The brands we represent:


The graphic artistry tools, 3D printers and accessories manufactured by Huion are a popular choice among beginners and professionals in many industries. Products include drawing tablets, light pads and pen displays that can be used for creating digital works and photo editing. Huion products are compatible with Android, Windows and macOS.


Beautifully crafted and vintage-inspired kitchenware and innovative household products is what Ariete is known for. Their retro style and soft colour palette make this a must for any kitchen enthusiast. Established in Italy in 1964, the brand has grown extensively internationally.


Netatmo manufactures smart home devices and beautifully designed consumer electronics to help users create safer, healthier and more comfortable homes. Founded in 2011, it has launched a variety of products including various security cameras, personal weather sensors and an internet-connected smoke detector. Partners include Velux and Legrand.


Established in 2014, Rokid specializes in the research and product development of Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence. With its mission of “leave nobody behind”, Rokid provides the extreme user experience, superior products, and robust enterprise solutions for development communities. Our passion motivates us to make a positive and powerful impact on a broad range of industries.


Since its foundation in 1904, Legrand has adapted to many market evolutions. From its humble beginnings as a porcelain workshop, it has become the global specialist for electrical and digital building infrastructure with a comprehensive range of solutions in four fields: energy distribution, voice data and image distribution, cable management, and control and monitoring of installations. The Legrand Group offers smart electrical solutions and services for your home and office temperature, as well as lighting control and security.


Haeger, founded in 1984, is a full-service household appliance manufacturer presenting a wide range of more than 250 small and large products. These include kitchen, home, beauty and health EDP, white range, brown range and telephony.


The Boox mission is to create state-of-the-art eye-friendly electronics that provide technological convenience and protect users' eyes from digital fatigue. The Boox tablet is an all-in-one solution for the professional on the go. It functions as an e-book and is used for apps, as well as serving as a notebook. Notes can be synced with various digital repositories.


This versatile controller for digital design can increase efficiencies and truly optimise operational experiences. The company was founded in 2016 and creates tools that reshape the industry. The Tourbox is seen as the ultimate controller of options and tools in software design packages that creators customise to fit their individual needs and preferences.


Xebec equips today's professionals to be successful in the modern, mobile workplace. In recognizing that work and life are more transient these days, Xebec beliefs that productivity should accompany that. Xebec wants you to feel empowered to let your life dictate your work every day, not the other way around.


We let you jump, drive and fly outdoors. We seek the limits of our happiness. Sometimes just clearing your head completely. Being active in the fresh air. Relaxing through exercise. Having fun together or alone. With a BERG, you'll push your limits. You can do so much more than you think. You want to go faster, higher, better, more fun. Your BERG is always there for you. If you feel good or need to get something out of your system.


Astrum develops and markets audio equipment, laptop accessories, computer components, cables and connectors, game controllers, other smart accessories, cell-phone accessories, batteries and chargers, smart devices, and robotics solutions. Staying on the cusp of technology has allowed us to do what we love best: using technology in countless ways to ease people’s life.


Eureka Ergonomic is more than just a furniture company. Build a full room setup that expresses your style, reflects who you are, and shows what you love. Set up your vibe with Eureka Ergonomic. Health and safety are a core part of who we are. Eureka Ergonomic proudly complies with regulations including CA Prop 65 and CARB P2. All of our products are free of harmful chemicals. We never sell products we would not want in our homes, so you can be comfortable with it in yours.

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